The Rules of the Game – Gilbert Andrew Hugh Gordon

The Rules of the Game - Gilbert Andrew Hugh Gordon

Tytuł:The Rules of the Game: Jutland and British Naval Command

Autor:Gilbert Andrew Hugh Gordon



Rok wydania:2015

Typ okładki:miękka

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Winner of the Longman’s History Today Book of the Year Award and the inaugural Westminster Medal for Military Literature

More than a century had gone by since the Battle of Trafalgar. Generation after generation of British naval captains had been dreaming ever since of a ‘new’ Trafalgar – a cataclysmic encounter which would decisively change a war’s outcome. At last, in the summer of 1916, they thought their moment had come…

Andrew Gordon’s extraordinary, gripping book brilliantly recreates the atmosphere of the British navy in the years leading up to Jutland and gives a superb account of the battle itself and its bitterly acrimonious aftermath.