Press Start – Daniel Griffin

Press Start - Daniel Griffin

Tytuł:Press Start: Using gamification to power-up your marketing

Autor:Daniel Griffin


Wydawnictwo:Bloomsbury Business

Rok wydania:2020

Typ okładki:miękka

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Press Start examines the benefits and uses of gamification, in order for businesses of any size and sector to create engaging and effective marketing campaigns.

With many success stories from the likes of LinkedIn, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, and Duolingo, marketing gamification is already a well-established practice, but many businesses are wary of jumping in without a guide.

The “addictions” and “highs” of Candy Crush or logging a run in your fitness app can be powerful drivers in terms of how we behave. In an increasingly commoditized world, marketers are always looking for new ways to influence or motivate us to be better engaged with their products, services, and brands. This is marketing gamification: the practice of taking the motivational elements of games (like challenges, achievements and teams) and applying them intelligently in real-life situations to improve engagement and performance.

Written specifically for marketing professionals, Press Start explores the benefits and uses of gamification, and ties together motivational psychology and case studies with popular game mechanics and design principles. More importantly, the book will provide readers with a step-by-step guide for successfully designing their own marketing gamification solutions.