Living the 7 Habits – Stephen R. Covey

Living the 7 Habits - Stephen R. Covey

Tytuł:Living the 7 Habits

Autor:Stephen R. Covey


Wydawnictwo:Simon & Schuster UK

Rok wydania:2000

Typ okładki:miękka

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LIVING THE 7 HABITS is a book that could only be published now – some 10 plus years after the publication of THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. Covey’s new book shows how the 7 habits have touched the lives of millions. The people, institutions, companies and even governments that have incorporated the principles of the 7 habits into their lives are profiled for their achievements in LIVING THE 7 HABITS. It is rare that any self-help philosophy has the opportunity to assess itself. With the 7 habits, it is hard to avoid the impact it has had. From running a corporation to trying to improve the quality of the individual’s life, Covey’s new book will offer vital examples of people whose success is grounded in the 7 habits. An indispensable book for millions.