End of Average – Todd Rose

End of Average - Todd Rose

Tytuł:End of Average

Autor:Todd Rose


Wydawnictwo:Penguin Press

Rok wydania:2017

Typ okładki:miękka

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‘Must the tyranny of the group rule us from cradle to grave? Absolutely not, says Todd Rose in a subversive and readable introduction to what has been called the new science of the individual … Readers will be moved’ Abigail Zuger, The New York Times

‘Groundbreaking … The man who can teach you how not to be average’ Anna Hart, Daily Telegraph

‘Fascinating, engaging, and practical. The End of Average will help everyone – and I mean everyone – live up to their potential’ Amy Cuddy, author of Presence

‘Lively and entertaining … a cheering story of how the square pegs among us can build successful lives despite being unable or unwilling to fit into round holes’ Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Education

‘Heartening . . . a worthwhile read for the aspiring nonconformist’ Iain Morris, Observer