Climate Change – Bianca Nogrady

Climate Change - Bianca Nogrady

Tytuł:Climate Change (WIRED guides)

Autor:Bianca Nogrady


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Rok wydania:2021

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Man-made global warming is advancing inexorably. Are there ways to halt it?

In this invaluable, one-stop guide Bianca Nogrady analyses the science of climate change and offers a concise overview of the ways in which our carbon emissions might be reduced. She examines the challenges posed by food and energy production and the cutting-edge technologies that could mitigate their polluting effects. She looks at initiatives to create green industry and transport. She explains the economics of emissions trading schemes and the practicalities of geoengineering plans to trap greenhouse gases. And she addresses the fundamental question: is it possible to safeguard our future before it’s too late?