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The Ultimate Beatles Collection

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Can you name any rock band that has made a bigger impact on global culture than The Beatles? With an estimated 600 million record sales – more than any other artist in history – Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have established a presence that cannot be outdone, no matter how big or popular your favourite current musician may be.

For that reason, we bring you The Ultimate Beatles Collection , a celebration of all things Beatles. Our aim with this fully comprehensive book is not just to take a look at the legendary foursomes songs, although we do that in serious detail, of course. We bring together an interconnected commentary on the revolution which the four musicians brought to art, politics and philosophy, from their roots in the early Sixties to the modern day.

After all, The Beatles weren’t just another band – they were a phenomenon, evolving right before their fans’ eyes from a bunch of mop-tops playing rock’n’roll covers to a powerful, trans formative force, making a profound impression on the entirety of their environment . Although John and George aren’t around to celebrate the continued relevance of their band, Paul and Ringo are still out there, playing the world’s biggest stages and commanding legions of fans. Beatlemania has never gone away, and we’re all better off for that fact.

Enjoy this chaotic, unpredictable, psychedelic ride!