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Shed Method
Shed Method

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Want to make 2018 your BEST YEAR YET? The leading performance coach, Sara Milne Rowe will show you how, in the unique methods she uses with her own clients to help them reach their full potential. A ground-breaking series of practices and personal routines to help you make better choices. Every day we are bombarded with decisions, from what we watch to how we take our coffee, from whether to change jobs or put a deposit on a house. So many decisions, in fact, that we are getting worse at making them. Making better choices starts with a sensible balance of four things: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet - your SHED. Taking control of your SHED will help you to: · Stop answering emails in bed · Finish what you start · Stop agreeing to things that you don't really want to · Be resilient in the face of setbacks · Improve your response to stress and worry · Be in those moments that matter Making better decisions is the key to feeling braver, overcoming obstacles, and finding the energy and determination to create the life you want. Based on ten years of coaching high performers and full of step-by-step advice, The SHED Method will change the way you think about life, work and relationships.

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Sara Milne Rowe
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