Vivid Faces – R. F. Foster

Vivid Faces - R. F. Foster

Tytuł:Vivid Faces

Autor:R. F. Foster


Wydawnictwo:Penguin Books Ltd

Rok wydania:2015

Typ okładki:miękka

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On Easter Monday, 1916, Irish rebels poured into Dublin’s streets to proclaim an independent republic. Ireland s long struggle for self-government had suddenly become a radical and bloody fight for independence. R. F. Foster, the “most brilliant and courageous Irish historian of his generation” (Colm Toibin), traces the roots of the Easter Rising by focusing on the vivid faces. These were the ordinary people who sparked the rebellion, embracing revolution in all areas of life, public and private. The radical temperament encompassed politics, sex, marriage, Catholicism, education, family, theater, fiction, and poetry. Drawing on letters and diaries, Foster gives personal voice to the soaring ideals of feminism, socialism, and Irish nationalism. Vivid Faces shows how politics fused with the intimacies of love and belief, revealing the rising as an event not only of the streets but also of the hearts and minds of a generation.