Scandinavian Belly Fat Program – Berit Nordstrand

Scandinavian Belly Fat Program - Berit Nordstrand

Tytuł:Scandinavian Belly Fat Program: 12 weeks to get healthy, boost your energy and lose weight

Autor:Berit Nordstrand


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Rok wydania:2018

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Jump on board the 12-week program which encourages you to include dark chocolate into your diet, everyday.

Did you know that your waistline is your lifeline? Lose the fat around your waist and you live a longer, healthier and happier life. According to Berit Nordstrand, Norwegian physician and mother of six, it’s more important for your health to reduce your waist size than to reduce your overall weight. Her advice: get rid of the abdominal fat around your waist that releases all kinds of chemicals and limits your quality of life, shut down the fat cells, stop their emissions, and experience a significant and lasting improvement in your quality of life. If, slowly but surely, the kilos have sneaked up on you, now they will gradually disappear, while you focus a little more on moving, getting enough sleep, relaxation, pleasure and the great taste of pure ingredients. Implement simple ‘foodsteps’ gradually over a period of 12 weeks and you will change your habits in the longer term, so that you can maintain a stable, ideal weight and good health for the rest of your life. Berit has also included delicious recipes for each week so you can make sure you’re sticking to your goals. For example, enjoy Crumble cake and Quick raspberry sorbet in your first week of cutting out added sugar; in week 5 replace white rice and pasta with nutritious recipes like Linsotto with mushrooms and Indian dal; consume the right minerals in week 9 with Oven-roasted chicken with tomato sauce; and munch on Raw chocolate cake whilst sipping on Green tea with honey and ginger in week 10.
The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program is packed with tips and tricks which will help you to speed up the burning of fat, increase muscle mass, reposition fat around your body and reach your ideal, healthy waist size. Welcome to your new life!