Physics of Immortality – F. Tipler

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Is there a higher power in the universe? What happens to us when we die? Leading physicist Frank J. Tipler tackles these questions and more in an astonishing and profoundly important book that scientifically proves the existence of God and the physical resurrection of the dead.

„A doozy of a book… it’s „2001: A Space Odyssey” meets „The Divine Comedy.”” — „Esquire.”

„A thrilling ride to the far edges of modern physics.” — „New York Times Book Review.”

„A dazzling exercise in scientific speculation, as rigoroulsy argued as it is boldly conceived.” — „The Wall Street Journal.”

„A book that proves the existence of the Almighty and inevitability of resurrection, without recourse to spiritual mumbo jumbo… Tipler does it all.” — „Mirabella.”

20 line drawings

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ISBN 9780385467995
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