Phrases for Growth Mindset – Annie Brock

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Learn how to effectively bring growth mindset into your community and classroom by choosing impactful language

From the authors of the bestselling The Growth Mindset Coach, this handy companion is a must-have if you want to empower students through purposeful praise and feedback. Here are the key strategies, helpful tips and go-to phrases for helping students transition thoughts, words and actions into the growth-mindset zone.

Designed for ease of use and packed with over a hundred specific examples, this book offers a “say this, not that” approach to communication that will help you model and cultivate growth mindset in the classroom. For example:

Fixed Mindset
• You’re so smart.
• You’re wrong.

Growth Mindset
• l like how you used different strategies to figure out these problems.
• That didn’t work out for you. How could you approach the problem differently?

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