Oxford Dictionary of Quotations by Subject

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Oxford Dictionary of Quotations by Subject is a collection of over 7,000 quotations arranged thematically for easy look-up. Covering nearly 600 subjects, this book features a wealth of topics relevant to modern society, from Beauty, Baseball, and Belief to Patriotism, The Past, and Power. Themes new to this edition include Babies, Birthdays, Nine-Eleven, Retirement, Thanks, and Toasts. Quotations have been taken from a vast range of people around the world from ancient times to the present day, including philosophers, journalists, saints, comedians, poets, monarchs, singers, politicans, scientists, writers, journalists, actors, and sportsmen. Brief author descriptions are given with every quotation, and an index makes it easy to search by author.

New to this edition are an increased number of contemporary and motivational quotations to inspire all readers and an improved layout to make reading, browsing, and searching this delightful book easier and more pleasurable than ever.

‚I like my body better since I became a mother. I feel sexier as a result.’ Halle Berry

‚I just blew my mind. And I blew the world’s mind.’ Usain Bolt

‚Making money from money should be replaced with making money from making.’ James Dyson

‚Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticism.’ George Eliot

‚Design is not for philosophy – it’s for life.’ Issey Miyake

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