Mine – Susi Fox

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‚I raced through, unable to stop reading until I found out what was really going on. Gripping and thought provoking about motherhood and mental health. I loved it’ Laura Marshall, bestselling author of Friend Request

After waking from an emergency caesarean, you’re dying to see your new baby. But when you’re introduced something is wrong.

This is not your child.

The nurses assure you that the baby is yours.

Your husband believes them. And so does your father.

But how can you be wrong? You’re a doctor. You know how easily mistakes are made.

When everyone is against you, do you trust your instincts?

You know only one thing . . .

You must find your baby.

‚You will be desperate to know how this dark, disturbing tale ends’ Sun

‚Chilling and suspenseful . . . keeping you guessing until the very end Karen Perry, bestselling author of Your Closest Friend

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ISBN 9781405934640
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