Hocus Pocus – K. Vonnegut

Hocus Pocus - K. Vonnegut

Tytuł:Hocus Pocus

Autor:K. Vonnegut


Wydawnictwo:Vintage Classics

Rok wydania:1991

Typ okładki:miękka

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Hocus Pocus is the fictional autobiography of a West Point graduate who was in charge of the humiliating evacuation of U.S. personnel from the Saigon rooftops at the close of the Vietnam War. Returning home from the war, he unknowingly fathered an illegitimate son. In 2001, the son begins a search for his father and catches up with him just in time to see him arrested for masterminding the prison break of 10,000 convicts. Using his famous brand of satire and wit, Vonnegut captures twenty-first century America as only he could foresee it. In Hocus Pocus, listeners will find a fresh novel, as fascinating and brilliantly offbeat as anything he’s written. Annotation A small, exclusive college in upstate New York is nestled along the frozen shores of Lake Mohiga . . . and directly across from a maximum-security prison. The two institutions manage to coexist peacefully, until 10,000 prisoners break out and head directly for the college. “Sharp-toothed satire . . . absurd humor.”–San Francisco Chronicle. Editorial Reviews It is the most richly detailed and textured of Mr. Vonnegut’s renderings of this particular planet. Unlike many of his major characters, Hartke seems like a real person, and Scipio seems like a real town. Some readers may miss the wilder leaps of imagination and the whimsy, but what is gained is a muscular dignity of voice that only rarely is tendentious. And, like outer space in The Sirens of Titan , Hocus Pocus is not without ”empty heroics, low comedy, and pointless death.” About The Author: About The Author: Born in 1922, Vonnegut grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. His architect father suffered great financial setbacks during the Depression and was unemployed for long stretches of time. His mother suffered from mental illness and eventually committed suicide in 1944, a trauma that haunted Vonnegut all his life. He attended Cornell in the early 1940s, but quit in order to enlist in the Army during WWII. Vonnegut was shipped to Europe, fought in the