Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work – Joseph Campbell

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In what amounts to Campbell s only spiritual autobiography, this beautifully crafted collection of conversations, interviews, and outtakes from the The Hero s Journey documentary reveals and illuminates Campbell s personal and intellectual journey. Warm and relaxed, Campbell is first seen sipping Glenlivet and encouraging his mentee, Cousineau. Then, as described by Publishers Weekly, the book ranges widely, from Cro-Magnon art to Arthurian legend…as it follows Campbell from his Catholic boyhood and early interest in American Indians to his years in Paris and Munich. Readers listen in as he meets Jung (who discusses the meaning of the Hindu syllable, Om ); hear Campbell quip, if marriage isn t a first priority in your life, you re not married ; and learn the genesis of Campbell s trademark, follow your bliss. As Richard Adams wrote, it reveals at every turn fresh aspects of his genius, wisdom, and understanding.

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ISBN 9781608681891
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