Glow15 – Naomi Whittel

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In addition to natural wear and tear that our bodies experience, environmental toxins accumulate in our cells, accelerating the signs of aging. Autophagy is the cellular process that removes these toxins and repairs the damage left behind.

On GLOW15, you start each day with an autophagy-activating ketogenic tea and a light, full-fat breakfast, followed by intermittent fasting and protein cycling. You eat foods that activate autophagy – like dairy, red wine, grains and a blueberry smoothie.

It can be that simple to see dramatic results in just 15 days – fast weight loss and glowing, radiant skin. You don’t count calories. You don’t give up entire food groups. And you don’t obsess about the gym. You do, however, get Naomi Whittel’s advice for sleep, travel, stress reduction and productivity, as well as delicious and nutritious recipes for eating the GLOW15 way – everything that this 42-year-old CEO and mother of four young children does to look and feel amazing.

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