Elastic Exp – Leonard Mlodinow

Elastic Exp - Leonard Mlodinow

Tytuł:Elastic Exp

Autor:Leonard Mlodinow


Wydawnictwo:Penguin Random House USA

Rok wydania:2018

Typ okładki:miękka

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From the best-selling author of Subliminal and The Drunkard’s Walk, a groundbreaking new look at the neuroscience of how the brain deals with change–and why understanding brain elasticity is crucial in a world transforming itself faster than ever before
We live in an age of extraordinary and unprecedented change. Careers are dynamic; technology places endless demands on our attention and transforms our lives on a daily basis. Fortunately, the human brain is engineered to adapt. As Leonard Mlodinow shows, our uniquely elastic brain is what drives this ceaseless capacity for innovation–and enables us to roll with the punches when our lives and careers are disrupted. But what, exactly, is going on behind the scenes of any act of innovation? And what is it about the human brain that converts some unexpected circumstances into failure–and others into golden, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities?
Drawing from cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience, Elastic explores the cognitive features that define us as a species and the ways in which these innate characteristics allow us to stay relevant in a dynamic world. With his keen acumen and rapid-fire wit, Mlodinow leads us on a surprising and illuminating journey through the mechanics of our own minds as we navigate the rapidly shifting landscapes around us.