Easy Way for Women to Lose Weight – Allen Carr

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READ THE EASY WAY FOR WOMEN TO LOSE WEIGHT AND BE THE WEIGHT YOU WANT TO BE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Are you unhappy with the weight you are? In The Easy Way for Women to Lose Weight, Allen Carr addresses the difficulties that women face in trying to lose weight. Diets don’t work and just lead to a feeling of deprivation, which can cause food disorders like binge-eating. By explaining why you feel the need to eat junk food and, with simple step-by-step instructions to set you free from this addiction, Carr shows you how to eat for a healthier, happier life. What people say about Allen Carr’s Easyway method: „”The Allen Carr program was nothing short of a miracle.”” Anjelica Huston „”It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction.”” Sir Anthony Hopkins „”His skill is in removing the psychological dependence.”” The Sunday Times

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ISBN 9781785993039

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