Durkheim and the Internet – Jan Blommaert

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Sociolinguistic evidence is an undervalued resource for social theory, and in this book, Jan Blommaert uses contemporary sociolinguistic insights to develop another sociological imagination. Taking Durkheim as the point of departure, he first demonstrates how the facts of language and social interaction can be used as conclusive refutations of individualistic theories of society such as ‚Rational Choice’. Next, he engages with theorizing the post-Durkheimian social world in which we currently live. This new social world operates offline as well as online and is characterized by vernacular globalization. These fundamental changes, announced by theorists such as Castells and Appadurai, require a new set of theoretical and conceptual tools capable of capturing the complexity and dynamics of contemporary societies. Blommaert proposes new theories of social norms, social action, identity, social groups, integration, social structure and power, all of them animated by a deep understanding of language and social interaction.

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ISBN 9781350055193
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