Spot Loves x 5 Slipcase

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Includes five favourite Spot board books: Spot Loves His Mum, Spot Loves His Dad, Spot Loves his Grandma, Spot Loves His Grandpa, and Spot Loves His Friends. Spot loves spending time with his mum, Sally. Each spread shows Sally and Spot having fun together in this brightly coloured board book. From playing hide-and-seek to eating Sally’s cakes, every day is a fun day with Spot and Sally! In ‚Spot Loves His Dad’, Spot enjoys spending time with his Dad. They do lots of fun things together – from playing football to flying a kite to feeding ducks. Spot loves Dad, and Dad loves Spot. Spot and his friends like playing with toys, flying kites and making music together. Whatever they do, they always have fun.

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ISBN 9780723294788
125,00 75,00

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