What I’m Looking For – Maureen N. McLane

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Gathering the best of her first five collections, a ‚sexy, cerebral and romantic’ introduction to one of the US’s most charismatic and original poets

Loose-limbed, freewheeling and conversational yet musically taut, Maureen N. McLane’s poetry has been described as having ‚a tonal register somewhere between teenage fangirl and Wordsworth professor’ (London Review of Books). What I’m Looking For gathers selections from her first five books of poetry, from the mixture of love poems and breezy skewerings of Great Literature that characterize her debut, Same Life, to the later collections’ shadowing of a mind roaming wittily through nature, philosophy, music and sex, and the bravura life-story-in-episodes of Mz N: the serial.

Brainy, funny, passionate, uncool and always utterly charming, these ‚sexy, cerebral and romantic’ poems (The New York Times Book Review) will make you ‚laugh, cry and think in quick succession, or all at once’ (Sarah Howe).

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ISBN 9780141988122

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