Uncommon Sense – Mark Homer

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How would you like to succeed in business and master investment by profiting in untapped areas that the masses know nothing about?

Uncommon Sense guides you to unique, little-known and commonly misunderstood strategies that generate lasting revenue and sustained results by going against the tide.

In this book you’ll discover:
– How to asses real value, understand the hidden motives of the media and see through hype.
– Real business investing models such as hybriding and super-specialisation which will enable you to invest securely and profitably.
– Understand the popular misonceptions, schemes, traps and truths which part you from your money – and learn how to defend yourself against them and secure lasting wealth.

Essential reading for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs, Uncommon Sense provides a balanced, insightful and inspiring toolkit for making smart decisions in investing and business.

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ISBN 9781473657687

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