Ultimate Energy: How To Get From Tired To Inspired – Tricia Woolfrey

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When your energy’s low it can feel like wading through treacle. Living with brain fog can make even the simplest task challenging. But you can overcome fatigue if you follow the simple strategies in this book. It covers everything you need to maximize your energy, strength and vitality in all areas of your life.

Discover how nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, resilience, positive inner talk, learning to say ‚no’ and much more, could help you. By the end you will be able to deal with all of life’s challenges more easily and, better still, enjoy the good times more fully.

· Introduction – what is energy?
· Environment – how your surroundings energise or deplete you
· No – how that little word is going to free up a lot of energy
· Evolve – how to deal with setbacks so they empower you
· Restorers – understanding and managing your energy friends and foes
· Goals – the importance of focus for sustainable energy
· Inner talk – what you say to yourself can be a boost or a blow to your energy
· Zen – mindfulness as a calming energizer
· Exercise and Nutrition – the building blocks of good energy
· Rest and Relaxation – the importance of downtime to create more uptime

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ISBN 9781473634749

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