Stephen Hawking: His Life and Work – Kitty Ferguson

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In 1963 Stephen Hawking was given a couple of years to live. In January 2017 he celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday. This biography of the brilliant theoretical physicist and inspirational international celebrity, written with the help of Hawking himself and his close associates, now includes:
· His leadership at the London Paralympic Games
· The release of the film about his life The Theory of Everything
· His BBC Reith Lectures in 2016
· His continuing work on black holes, gravitational waves, the new discovery of “supertranslations”
· The launch of the astounding “Starshot” programme
· The first presentation of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication at Starmus III in June 2016.

Written with the clarity and simplicity for which all Kitty Ferguson’s books have been praised, it is a captivating account of an extraordinary life and mind.

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ISBN 9780857503671

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