New Power – Jeremy Heimans

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Shortlisted for the Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award

„The best window I’ve seen into this new world.” David Brooks, The New York Times

In this indispensable guide to navigating the twenty-first century, two visionary thinkers reveal how „new power” is reshaping politics, business, and life to be more open, participatory, and peer-driven. Here, Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms reveal a new and compelling lens on the biggest stories of our age–from the out-of-nowhere victory of Donald Trump to the rise of mega-platforms like Facebook. They show the strength of new power–movements like #MeToo; platforms like Airbnb and Lyft; organizations like TED and Lego–as well as its dark side. They contrast it to „old power,” the foundations of which are coming under assault in an age of ubiquitous participation.

The battle between old and new power is determining who governs us, how we work, and even how we think and feel. This groundbreaking book provides a new way to understand the world–and the tools we all need to thrive in it.

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ISBN 9780385541114

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