Marvel Super Battles Ultimate Sticker Book – Simon Beecroft

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This colourful Marvel sticker book features over 250 reusable stickers, so you’ll have hours of fun exploring the exciting Marvel Comics universe and favourite characters such as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.

Exciting scenes are waiting for you to add stickers as you create your own stories of good versus evil, or simply follow along with the battles from the many different universes such as the Kree-Skull War, Civil War, and Annihilation. With fun, lively captions alongside exciting images, you’ll learn about the epic battles, vehicles and mighty weapons from the Marvel universe such as Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer, Wolverine’s claws and Captain America’s shield.

Created in full collaboration with Marvel comics, Marvel Ultimate Sticker Book 2 includes all of your favourite Marvel characters and their heroic struggles from the latest adventures, so flip open the pages and meet them all.

© 2014 MARVEL

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ISBN 9781409349051

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