Legends of Krakow – Zbigniew Iwański

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To get to know the history and culture of Krakow is to familiarize yourself with the legends of this extraordinary city. These tales greatly contribute to the unique and magical atmosphere of Krakow. In this book you will find the most popular stories, including the tales of the Dragon of Wawel, the Lajkonik, the two towers of St. Mary’s Church or the Sigismund Bell. Equally gripping are the legends of the doves from Krakow’s market square, the St. Mary’s Church bugler or the chakra of Krakow. All those visiting Krakow should acquaint themselves with this exceptionally intriguing and fascinating work. This is a book for grownups, for young adults and for children. Written in colorful, fairy tale-like language, it lets us explore Krakow, its history and culture.
“Read the legends of Wawel Hill, or return here you never will”…

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ISBN 9788377203507

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