Indefensible – Lee Goodman

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In the bestselling tradition of „Defending Jacob,” this taut legal thriller follows the trail of a man determined to protect his community and his family at any cost.
„Sometimes a simple walk in the woods can lead you down the deadliest of trails ”
When birdwatcher Cassandra Randall stumbles upon two men digging what appears to be a grave in a state park, she immediately reports it to the authorities. Federal prosecutor Nick Davis is initially incredulous about her claims, but he agrees to investigate. To his surprise, the far-fetched account turns up a body, and Nick is drawn into a case that will shake both his morals and his personal life to their very core.
One body quickly leads to another. The danger Cassandra has uncovered is just the beginning of a game of deadly stakes that implicates small-time drug dealers, petty thieves turned murderers, domestic abuse perpetrators, child pornographers, the highest offices of the legal system and a criminal who is closer to Davis than he can even imagine.”

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ISBN 9781476728001
105,00  49,00 

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