Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity: How to manage intense emotions as a highly sensitive person – I

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Do you feel you experience life more vividly than others?
Do people sometimes describe you as emotionally intense or oversensitive?
Do your emotions soar high and plunge so quickly that you feel you can’t keep up?

This book is for you. Learn how to cope with intense feelings, and discover how to use your sensitivity, empathy and intelligence to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Emotional Sensitivity and Intensity will give you in-depth information about this trait, as well as practical exercises and strategies to help with your daily struggles.

It will help you come to new ways of thinking about your past, thrive in your current life, and create exciting possibilities for the future. Written in a friendly and compassionate tone, the chapters will answer questions raised by many emotionally intense individuals:

Is there something wrong with me?
How does this trait explain my life experiences so far?
What can I do right now to better my life and to fulfil my potential?

You will learn to:
– Understand what it means to live with emotional sensitivity and intense feelings
– Debunk the myths and stereotypes about this trait
– Let go of old emotional baggage and limiting mindsets
– Develop real resilience and find peace within life’s ups and downs
– Navigate challenging social and family situations
– Build healthy and fulfilling intimate relationships
– Find your unique calling and liberate your creative potential

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ISBN 9781473656031

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