Dalai Lama’s Book of Wisdom – Dalai Lama

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THE DALAI LAMA, revered spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, has captured the attention and admiration of the world. Now this extraordinary volume gives us access to the universal wisdom expressed in his teachings. With magnificent simplicity, the Dalai Lama offers his perspectives on such enduring themes as peace, love, religion, justice, brotherhood and human rights, as well as the social issues of poverty, cultural discrimintaion and environmental destruction. He shows us hwo to be more compassionate towards each other and how to live harmoniously within our natural world. THE DALAI LAMA’S BOOK OF WISDOM provides a powerful philosophy for our troubled times and reveals a clear path to spiritual growth and enlightenment. Profoundly expressed and deeply felt, the words of the Dalai Lama convey an illuminating message of love as well as a clarion call for freedom. This inspirational collection offers encouragement for anyone seeking a more peaceful and liberating way of life.

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ISBN 9780712604574

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