Collected Poems – Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov’s masterly Collected Poems span the decades of his career, from ‚Music’, written in 1914, to the short, playful ‚To Vera’, composed in 1974. ‚The University Poem’, one of Nabokov’s major poetic works, is here in English for the first time: an extraordinary autobiographical poem looking back at his time at Cambridge, with its dinners, girls and memories, it is suffused with rich description, wit and verbal dexterity. Included too are the surreally comic ‚A Literary Dinner’, the enchanting, ‚Eve’, the wryly humorous ‚An Evening of Russian Poetry’ and a meditation on the act of creation, ‚Tolstoy’, as well as verse written on America, lepidoptery, sport, love and Nabokov’s Russian homeland.

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ISBN 9780141192260

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