Becoming Your Real Self – Dr Eddie Murphy

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If you’re in a good place in your life, how do you stay there?
If you’re in a bad place in your life, how do you get out of it?
Here’s how . . .

Dr Eddie Murphy knows what makes people tick. His work as a clinical psychologist has given him a bedrock of understanding about the everyday problems of everyday people. He is a regular on the media because his core message is positive – given the right tools, most people can solve their emotional issues.

Now, in Becoming Your Real Self, Eddie shares his methods for building and maintaining mental fitness. He explains how faulty thinking and behaviour patterns sustain emotional problems, how to fix these, and how to cope with the demands on your life.

In his book Eddie offers simple but amazingly effective tools for being the best you can be. You will learn how to transform:
stress into relaxation;
depression into hope;
anxiety into freedom;
anger into calm;
social anxiety into confidence;
low self-esteem into self-worth;
emotional eating into self-control.

With Becoming Your Real Self as your handbook, you can release yourself from the tyranny of negative emotions and embrace the life you deserve.

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ISBN 9780241257739

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