Think Like a Rocket Scientist EXPORT – Ozan Varol

Think Like a Rocket Scientist EXPORT - Ozan Varol

Title:Think Like a Rocket Scientist EXPORT

Author:Ozan Varol


Publishing house:WH Allen

Year of publication:2020


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Reach beyond, think past the edge, and something amazing happens.

Rocket-scientist-turned-professor Ozan Varol knows all about the captivating magic of building spaceships and sending them out into the unknown. But behind all the engineering and razor-sharp calculations, rocket science is actually about critical thinking, about imagining the unimaginable, solving the unsolvable and turning the impossible into the possible. It’s about challenging how you think about problems, whether in business or in life, anticipating what could go wrong and working out how to prevent it.

Hailed by Adam Grant as ‘the most interesting new writer of 2018’, in this fascinating book Ozan Varol tells gripping anecdotes from rocket science to help us think better, be more creative and make better decisions. You’ll discover:

· The high school physics mistake that cost NASA hundreds of millions
· How a missing hyphen destroyed the Mariner 1 spacecraft
· Why the right question is more important that the right answer
· Why success can be more dangerous than failure

So strap yourself in, and prepare to change what you think is possible…